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San Sebastian

A Foodie's delight, just over an hour's drive from Salies de Bearn to the gastronomic home of the humble Pinxto and many Michelin starred restuarants

SAN SEBASTIAN – a little over an hour's drive from Salies de Bearn in to Spain is the fabulous beach side town of San Sebastian. Set around the famous beach, La Playa de la Concha, San Sebastian is a world renown foodie destination. There are reputedly more Michelin stars per capita in San Sebastian than anywhere else in Europe.

Also famous are the local tapas called pinxto, which can be found throughout San Sebastian at all bars and restaurants. Costing only a Euro or so each, pinxto are small bite sized snacks on little skewers which go very well with a glass of the local vino tinto. A pinxto crawl through the Old Town stopping for a few bites and a vino at half a dozen local Pinxto bars is a San Sebastian tradition embraced with gusto by locals and tourists alike.

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